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My IP was blocked from accessing my website or the hosting control panel!

There are various reason why an IP can end up temporarily or permanently blocked from accessing the server. In most cases, this helps prevent our servers and your website against malicious attackers and botnets, but in rare cases, it can end up blocking legitimate users.

Getting unblocked

In some cases, you will be presented with a captcha which lets you unblock your IP quickly and easily without further issues.

In other cases, you may need to contact our support to unblock your IP. Make sure to include your IP in the support ticket!

IP being blocked repeatedly

Sometimes you may find your IP blocked almost immediately after unblocking yourself. In a vast majority of cases, this is due to a misconfigured email client on your device or on your network, which makes repeated failed login attempts to your email account hosted with us, causing the IP to be blocked as a suspected attacker.

This can happen if you recently changed your email account password, or if you have entered the wrong password to an email client. Check the email clients and apps on all of your devices and make sure they are using the correct credentials. After you have corrected your email details, get in touch with us, and we will unblock your IP.

Is your IP still getting blocked, and you are convinced it is not due to a misconfigured email app? Get in touch, and we will figure out what is causing the issue!