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Why is my invoice not marked as paid?

If you have paid your invoice or think that the invoice should be marked as paid, but you are still getting payment reminders or see the invoice marked as unpaid in the client portal, then there are multiple possibilities for what could have happened, detailed below.

You had a subscription via PayPal

If you have set up a subscription via PayPal, it may have expired, been cancelled, or you may have been charged the wrong amount by PayPal. Verify that the full amount of the invoice has been debited from your PayPal account, and that the subscription is still active.

You paid via PayPal, but you have multiple invoices

If you are certain that you paid the invoice in full via PayPal, but the invoice is still unpaid, make sure you didn't have previously unpaid invoices. In some cases, new payments are used to cover existing debt.

You paid via bank transfer, but didn't specify the invoice number

When paying via bank transfer, it is vital to include the invoice number in the payment description, otherwise we cannot link the payment to your account. If you didn't specify the invoice number, open a support ticket with us and let us know of the payment.

You paid via bank transfer, but the payment hasn't arrived yet

Bank transfers can take quite a while to be processed, especially when coming from outside the EU. Please allow up to 7 days for payments from the EU and up to 14 days for payments from outside the EU to be processed.

You were charged the wrong amount

In very rare cases, the billing system or PayPal might charge you an insufficient amount to cover the invoice. In such cases, please submit a payment for the remaining amount or get in touch with us to rectify the issue. We are doing our best to minimise payment errors, but sometimes mistakes happen.

None of this applies, and my invoice is still unpaid!

If you didn't find a solution to your problem, please contact us as soon as possible, and we'll work out a solution together. Sometimes, mistakes and errors happen, despite our best efforts!