Which jurisdiction applies to you? Do you comply with GDPR? Do you comply with DMCA notices?

We are governed by the laws and regulations of both Estonia and the European Union, including the EU copyright laws and GDPR, which we enforce to the full extent required by applicable law.


We fully comply with GDPR and even go further by applying equal privacy standards to customers from outside the EU, who do not normally have comparable legal protection for individual privacy provided by their home country. We recognise the following key rights for data subjects as laid out in our privacy policy and data subject rights policy:

You can get in touch with us regarding privacy and data subject rights by sending an e-mail to privacy@cloudey.net.


We do not submit to DMCA complaints, as we are not governed by the laws of the United States. However, we comply with relevant copyright and trademark complaints made under EU law. We do not tolerate illegal content or activity.

Further information

Read more about this subject from our Web Hosting Terms and Conditions.
Read more about our approach to privacy from our Privacy Policy.
Read more about your rights under GDPR from our Data Subject Rights Policy.

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