Billing and payments

Questions regarding billing, invoices, payments, etc.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via credit or debit card, iDeal (NL only), and bank transfer.

We never charge payment processing fees, whichever payment method you choose.

Credit and debit cards

Credit or debit card is the quickest and easiest way to pay.
For security reasons, we never see or store your credit card number or other sensitive details. All card details are stored and processed directly by our payment partner Stripe. All information is sent to Stripe using strong industry-standard encryption. This ensures your sensitive data always stays safe.

Bank transfer

You can also pay by manual bank transfer. Keep in mind that it takes up to 10 business days to process payments by bank transfer, so it is recommended to pay well ahead of time and choose a longer billing term to avoid potential issues.

Bank transfer details

Bank Name: AS LHV Pank
Payee Name: Cloudey IT Ltd
IBAN: EE487700771001340519
Reference: Your invoice number


iDeal allows you to easily pay using any Dutch bank account. iDeal is only available in the Netherlands.

Special requirements

Are you a government or non-profit entity with special requirements for invoices or payments? Let us know and we will do our best to accommodate!

Do you accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

We do not accept Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency as payment for our services.

What is the payment term for invoices?

Our invoices have a Net 14 payment term by default, ie. invoices have to be paid in full within 14 calendar days after being sent. For enterprise customers, we can extend the payment term up to Net 60.

Why is my invoice not marked as paid?

If you have paid your invoice or think that the invoice should be marked as paid, but you are still getting payment reminders or see the invoice marked as unpaid in the client portal, then there are multiple possibilities for what could have happened, detailed below.

You had a subscription via PayPal

If you have set up a subscription via PayPal, it may have expired, been cancelled, or you may have been charged the wrong amount by PayPal. Verify that the full amount of the invoice has been debited from your PayPal account, and that the subscription is still active.

You paid via PayPal, but you have multiple invoices

If you are certain that you paid the invoice in full via PayPal, but the invoice is still unpaid, make sure you didn't have previously unpaid invoices. In some cases, new payments are used to cover existing debt.

You paid via bank transfer, but didn't specify the invoice number

When paying via bank transfer, it is vital to include the invoice number in the payment description, otherwise we cannot link the payment to your account. If you didn't specify the invoice number, open a support ticket with us and let us know of the payment.

You paid via bank transfer, but the payment hasn't arrived yet

Bank transfers can take quite a while to be processed, especially when coming from outside the EU. Please allow up to 7 days for payments from the EU and up to 14 days for payments from outside the EU to be processed.

You were charged the wrong amount

In very rare cases, the billing system or PayPal might charge you an insufficient amount to cover the invoice. In such cases, please submit a payment for the remaining amount or get in touch with us to rectify the issue. We are doing our best to minimise payment errors, but sometimes mistakes happen.

None of this applies, and my invoice is still unpaid!

If you didn't find a solution to your problem, please contact us as soon as possible, and we'll work out a solution together. Sometimes, mistakes and errors happen, despite our best efforts!

Do you have a refund guarantee? How can I get a refund?

Sometimes, things just don't work out. Maybe you decided you don't actually need web hosting right now. Maybe we simply weren't a good fit. We understand.

We offer a 30-day, no questions asked, full refund guarantee for all web hosting plans. So you can try our services out for a full month without any risk at all.

If you do decide to cancel your service, we would love to hear what went wrong. But that's up to you, we won't hold your money hostage, and there are no wrong reasons for canceling.

How to get a refund

In order to get a refund, simply submit a cancellation request within a month of your order through our client portal. We will process it within 3 working days and refund the payment through the payment gateway you initially used to pay the invoice, eg. your credit card. That's it!


Not all invoices we send can be refunded, and some have a shorter refund guarantee. Included below is a non-exhaustive list of services which are non-refundable or have a limitation on requesting a refund:

Domain names

Domain name registrations and transfers which have already been processed cannot be cancelled and/or refunded.

Virtual and dedicated servers

Virtual and dedicated servers can be refunded within 14 days of ordering, instead of 30. Further, the set-up costs of these servers cannot be refunded. This is due to the high risk of abuse associated with these services. Virtual and dedicated servers which have been suspended or terminated due to abuse are not eligible for a refund.

Hourly-billed services

Services which are billed hourly (mostly managed services) cannot be refunded after the service has been concluded and/or the work has been partially or completely finished.

As an example, you cannot request a refund for an hour of hands-on support for fixing an issue with your website, after the support has already been rendered.

One-time fees

In most cases, one-time fees, such as the cost of migrating a site or setting up a server, cannot be refunded after the service has been concluded and/or the work has been partially or completely finished.

Other cases

Services for which we have not explicitly stated a refund guarantee are subject to the EU rules on guarantees and returns. You can always get in touch with us to specify the exact terms of refunds.

Chargebacks and payment disputes

Never issue a chargeback for a payment.

If you are unhappy with our service, would like to cancel your service, or simply want to receive a refund, please get in touch with us instead of submitting a chargeback and/or dispute through your bank. We can work out a solution that is best for both sides.

Issuing an illegitimate chargeback, ie chargeback for payments that you initially authorised and received a service for, is criminal fraud and illegal.

We strictly follow all laws and regulations for payments and business practices, and therefore always dispute every chargeback issued to us. In almost every case, we have enough evidence to prove the payment was valid and the service was delivered to you. That not only means you will not get your money back, but you may also be liable for damages arising from attempted fraud. Your account and any services you have with us will also be immediately terminated, with no possibility of recovery.

When we successfully dispute a chargeback, we submit your details to third party fraud monitoring sites, as well as any appropriate authorities, who may start an investigation on the basis of attempted fraud. This may cause you to incur civil and/or criminal liabilities, and will restrict you from placing orders at a large amount of other online vendors in the future, including other hosting providers.

It is therefore crucial that you submit a refund request through the proper channels instead of issuing a chargeback.

Can I pay on a yearly/annual basis? Which payment terms do you offer?

You can pay for all services on a monthly or yearly basis.

Do you offer a discount for paying longer in advance?

Yes! Choosing a yearly payment term saves you 20% compared to the monthly plan.